The world’s leading African localization provider

We know what’s required to connect international content to the continent, and African content to the globe. EarCandy is your single point of contact for dubbing, postproduction, voice-over, and Access Services. We localize your content while retaining the storyline, performance, language nuance, authenticity, and technical quality of your original content.



We can retell your stories in 28 African languages, or in English, Portuguese, and French



Our multi-cultural team of mother tongue advocates have over fifteen years of localization experience



Premium international content creators, broadcasters, streaming platforms, and distributors rely on us for localization.

African languages

We localize your content specifically for African viewers. while retaining the storyline, performance authenticity and technical quality of your original content. From branded messages to educational programmes and telenovelas to documentaries, ministries to mini-series and animation to full length movies, our clients are reaching new audiences by bringing global content to local languages.


Our localization services are bespoke and managed by Africans who will advise on cultural nuances to ensure your story is localized while remaining true to the original.

Nelson Mandela said, ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.’

Because we are African, we don’t just understand African language, we live it – it’s in our DNA.

Not only do the world’s leading media platforms and content creators trust us with their African translation needs, but Africa’s best storytellers also come to us, knowing that we will ensure their story is understood by global audiences while retaining the African soul that makes it so unique.

With over 1.5 million minutes of dubbed content in 28 African languages, EarCandy has connected more global content to African audiences and local content to the international market than any other dubbing studio.

We are the first localization provider in sub-Saharan Africa to be awarded a Netflix Partner Programme badge for dubbing, and remain the only female African-owned studio in the region to have earned this accolade.

Get your message across – whether the volume is turned up or not. Our subtitling service is carried out by African language experts who possess the required technical expertise, translation skills and precision to ensure your subtitles meet international broadcast standards.

The world is getting smaller, which means that the opportunity to connect your content globally is getting bigger.

As the global appetite for content grows, the chance that your story will be enjoyed by a foreign language audience increases by more than 50%. As African advocates, EarCandy is passionate about ensuring that as many African stories as possible are shared with the world.

Connecting your content to Africa can be overwhelming, and for the uninitiated, navigating the practicality of doing business on this vast continent is daunting.

Africa moves at a different pace and in a distinct style. The challenges of red tape, infrastructure deficits, and language and cultural barriers are frustrating at best, and downright anarchic at worst.

Expert knowledge of African languages is our core business


5 September 2023

EarCandy is a proud to host the inaugural Women in Entertainment Breakfast, featuring Mo Abudu on the 5th of September at Fame Week Africa.

4 – 6 September 2023

EarCandy is heading to Mip Africa at Fame Week Africa in Cape Town from 4 – 6 September.

EarCandy appears in the July Edition of MultiLingual Magazine

The July edition of MultiLingual Magazine features an article on Dubbing in Sub Saharan Africa written by EarCandy CEO, Louise Callcott-Stevens.

4 November 2022

EarCandy will be attending AFM in Santa Monica, California for the first time in 2022. Please email if you would like to meet with us.

2 November 2022

EarCandy will be attending LocWorld48 Silicon Valley where our CEO, Louise Callcot-Stevens will take part in a conversation on the media localization industry in Africa.

24 August 2022

EarCandy will be attending Mip Africa at the first FAME WEEK AFRICA. Our CEO, Louise Callcott-Stevens will be presenting a workshop, with fellow colleagues from the Entertainment Globalization Association called A Filmmakers Guide to Globalization101

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